"Due to COVID-19, less tax revenue is coming in. I was on county council in 2008 when the economy was devastated by the recession. We made the tough choices necessary to maintain the quality of life our residents enjoyed while not raising taxes during that very-difficult period of time. This will need to be done again."



17 years ago a study told us our population would reach 800,000 by 2030. We exceeded that population number - last year. That’s right, 11 years early.


This is why County council, our cities and towns and surrounding counties must work together. Population increases in Berkeley and Dorchester Counties (both of which are growing quickly) affect Charleston County and vice versa.

We must coordinate with other local governments, fund CARTA, improve our transit systems and continue our Greenbelt program.


Roads, Bridges, Drainage / Flooding, Housing - growth puts further pressure on our infrastructure.


We must utilize the 1/2 penny sales tax revenue wisely and efficiently, use smart growth planning when possible so our citizens can live, work, shop and play without driving on our heavily traveled roads and we must have affordable housing for our citizens throughout the county.